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Jenni is patent pending

Jenni Russell is always working to find the next big idea for Contec, a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for mission-critical cleaning in manufacturing environments worldwide. As a Research & Development Specialist, she works closely with chemists, microbiologists, and engineers to design new products as well as improve existing ones.

She has a “whatever it takes” attitude that makes her a valuable member of the Contec team, where she has worked for almost eight years after graduating from Converse University, where she was a collegiate swimmer and chemistry major. 

She’s also been recognized as Spartanburg’s “Young and Professional in Innovation” by Spartanburg Young Professionals.

“I love who I work with and Contec as a whole,” Jenni said. “The entire team is supportive and full of good people. I enjoy my job because I learn something new every day. I feel empowered to further develop my skills and learn more every day about the industries we serve, all while I am assured that my responsibilities are significant contributions and key to the success of the company.”